The Simple Joys

Anytime people read a blog or watch a youtube video there is this presumption they are masters of their craft. In many ways, this is what keeps me from documenting my life, or writing short fiction across any platform. Many of you will probably say, "Well Tom, stop making excuses and just write already!" You'd... Continue Reading →

Little Man, Happy.

  The young boy studied the room. His long blonde hair tickled his back. He swayed his head side to side with a smirk on his face. The toys were thrown about in an order quite particular to a two year old. He took the first step down the set of three. His other foot... Continue Reading →

Podcast – Casual Creatives

  Over the course of 2019 I was lucky enough to get in touch with amazing content creators, musicians, and personalities in an effort to share their experiences with the world. Casual Creatives was born from that hard work. The name was inspired by my casual nature and it also speaks to me being a... Continue Reading →

Our Imperfect Life

Week after week I fight with my desire to post my own stories. It's hard. Trying to decide what people want to read and how they will react is exhausting and at the end of it, I just post nothing more often than not. When I read the above quote on another writer's social media... Continue Reading →

Changing Your Life

Never let difficulty detour you from pursuing your dreams. I love writing, but I battle everyday with working up the courage to post something for everyone to read.

The Morning Views

The beautiful thing about life is that as long as you keep breathing, life keeps moving forward. I've been fortunate enough to welcome a new member of my family. Slater William was born two weeks early and has brought nothing, but joy since his first breath. Due to his early arrival, I was granted a... Continue Reading →

The Key to Flight

September 17, 1888 John hardly looked twice at the man. He pulled his gun from his holster, a well-worn Colt Dragoon Revolver, and shot Edward in the face. He spun it in his fingers and slipped it back into the holster We are finished here.┬áHe turned and looked at his men standing behind him. "This... Continue Reading →

Lesson 2: You Can’t (Failure)

You had to know this was coming. This part of the lesson requires a little mental fortitude. This is more of an acceptance and perseverance stage of your life. The reality is, and this can be a tough pill to swallow, you can't do everything. There will be periods of failure and times you can't... Continue Reading →

Lesson 1 – You Can

You're amazing. You're intelligent. You're unique. Amazing adj. -┬ácausing great surprise or wonder; astonishing A famous comedian once commented on how our use of vocabulary is most often incorrect. People are amazing. We never cease to amaze one another and it's truly a wonder how we came to be where we are today. We are... Continue Reading →

Their Dance

Their Dance, the story you are about to read, Was inspired by two people I watched back in my home town. Wednesday night, during summer, is a night filled With music and friendship. People come from all over town to enjoy Local and live musical artists. What I witnessed between these two people Was beyond... Continue Reading →

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